De-escalating Officer Patrol Encounters so everyone can go home safe.

Our mission is to train individuals with IDD how to safely interact with law enforcement. Law enforcement officers also become familiar with the range of behaviors and characteristics associated with autism to promote trust, greater awareness, and create a positive dialogue to ensure the safety of all children when interacting with law enforcement regardless of race, zip code, ability or disability.

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D.O.P.E. Supports Non-Profits and other Organizations with similar missions!

Get Home Safe Foundation (G.H.S.F.) has worked nationally and internationally to push for citizens and police to embrace collective solutions for the purpose of decreasing deaths associated with police encounters.  G.H.S.F. partners with leaders in the de-escalation training field, mental health support industry and other developed help tools to combat the challenge.

The overall goal for G.H.S.F. is to better equip first responders, citizens, and individuals with differing abilities to all return home safely.  G.H.S.F. will continue to collaborate across demographics and share solutions and best practices so that everyone goes home alive.

D.O.P.E. plans to work with G.H.S.F. and other partners (IDD Safe & D.R.T.C.) in the coming year to present additional reality-based training and lecture opportunities across the nation.

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"Reality-based training is important”

Team up with officers and professionals in your area to create reality-based training for teens of driving age and those with special needs. Together we can teach them their rights, responsibilities and give them all the tools they need to get home safe. (see example program Spectrum Shield)

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