Use-of-Force Expert, Social Activist, and Speaker Stan Campbell is the COO of CCW Safe, a national legal defense membership organization for licensed concealed weapon carriers. Stan is known for his teaching experience as a law enforcement instructor and has personally trained over 4,000 uniformed officers and criminal justice professionals across the nation in the proper use of force, defensive tactics and how to deescalate potentially violent encounters. He has won valor awards, led tactical and street crime teams and is renowned by many for his passion for public service, his expertise in police encounters and his impeccable sense of character and integrity in his life and work.  But he simply sees himself as a man ignited by a mission—to build a stronger bridge between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Born in the tumultuous inner city of Newark, New Jersey, Stan grew up in a poor, often violent, neighborhood. His first step toward his life’s calling was his work as an Emergency Medical Technician in that same area, serving alongside police officers in the streets to make a difference. In that role, he began to take dutiful note of the ever-growing gap that violence created between communities and police. The aftermath of countless shootings and murders was etched on his spirit—forever. Honoring his desire to step towards his higher purpose, he enrolled in the police academy. That step sparked a lifelong commitment to public service. Over the course of twenty years, Stan’s illustrious and honored career in law enforcement would take him from patrol officer to lieutenant, from the Street Crimes Unit to Sniper Tactical Unit (SWAT) and as far as the Caribbean to protect, serve and teach, all the while searching his soul for what he should do next.

That next step was to stand up and speak out—for officers, for citizens and for a nation weighted by violence, strained race relations and uncertainty.

Every case, every first response, every officer-involved shooting widened his lens on the dynamics between law enforcement and the people they serve, particularly young people in disadvantaged communities. Stan knew it was his calling to be a catalyst for change in his community and, soon, the nation.

Today, he strives to be an informed voice who can build a bridge between the public and police officers, humanizing both sides and, ultimately, creating a critical dialogue that can lead to less violent encounters.

Led by his passion, fueled by this purpose and prepared by his experience, Stan is uniquely positioned to expand the dialogue between officers and citizens. He tackles the task from two familiar angles—training and service. He recently introduced D.O.P.E. The Movement(De-escalating Office Patrol Encounters) a comprehensive training and awareness program sharing industry tips and personal training advice to citizens and police officers simultaneously. Stan also plans to lend his expertise to communities, to promote peaceful protest and partnerships between citizen groups and law enforcement agencies.

Devoted to eradicating the myths, miscommunication and misconceptions that take lives instead of saving them, Stan Campbell is a voice for justice, for fairness and for the protection of lives—everywhere.

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