Introducing the Police Encounter App by D.O.P.E. The Movement

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What People Are Saying About the Police Encounter App

I downloaded this app a few months back and it’s so helpful. It’s so easy to navigate and I especially like the interviews. Great tool for teens and it helps me as a mom to feel better about them on the road.

App User

It’s just a matter of when and if any witnesses are around. So how do you level the playing field? The judge is going to take the police word over yours. Yet video tape doesn’t lie.

App User

Most Necessary App!!! This app can save lives and hold people accountable! As a black man I can honestly say I feel a lot more comfortable driving with this app just a click away.

The Almighty Sutton
App User

This is a great app for my teenage driver. I have peace of mind knowing that they can learn how to behave if they are stopped by police . Also they have an option to alert me if they are stopped with location . Very thoughtful done.

Somesh Ram
App User

Not only does this app record your encounters, it sends your current location to your chosen emergency contacts. Thank you to the knowledgeable persons for creating this app!

App User

A very cool app which not only helps the user during what can be a scary situation, the app also educates the user. That knowledge is a powerful tool that will help keep you and yours safe. I highly recommend it.

Mickey Schuch
App User

Be Prepared For Any Police Encounter

The DOPE Police Encounter App helps you teach your teens about their rights and laws they should know. The app comes with training videos and tips so your team knows how to de-escalate a situation so the encounter does not turn physical or deadly.

Peace of Mind for Parents

The Police Encounter App by D.O.P.E gives parents peace of mind through features like instant notifications and video recording. Video is saved and sent to emergency contacts automatically so you have a perspective of the interaction as well as shared documentation of any incident. The app also has a function to properly file a complaint so that your teen doesn't end up on the wrong side of the law.


Knowledge at your Fingertips

With the D.O.P.E app, your family will know just what to do if they encounter a police officer. The app is filled with informational tips, blog posts, training videos and more,  designed to inform you of your rights and the best practices to comply during police encounters to ensure everyone goes home safe.

Available Now in the Apple App Store and Google Play!

We want everyone to go home safe. The D.O.P.E. team is committed to bringing police officers and the community together to help de-escalate officer patrol encounters. Download our new app for FREE today in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Upgrade to Pro and unlock all the great features for only $9.99 a year!

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